Hamptons French Chic Furniture Designs

The Hamptons Inspired French Chic collection is about the lazy summers by the beach where love and romance fills the air.  This range combines the nautical beach side themes with the elegance of Parisian inspired style to bring about a range of unpretentious gorgeous furniture that includes plush armchairs, chic dining tables, antique commodes and much more. Made from mahogany, oak and solid timber, the pieces are lovingly hand crafted and exquisitely finished.  Lovely upholstery and textured materials in a stunning range of colours to help you create a warm and inviting Summer home that nobody wants to leave!

Whether you want a French table as a centrepiece or a Hamptons-themed room, our French Chic range has everything you need to complete your look! With new pieces regularly being added to our range and free shipping within Australia (conditions apply), GHIFY delivers sleek furnishings that will become family heirlooms. Check out our range of French furniture below, choose your favourite pieces and get ordering! Online shopping for furniture just doesn't get any easier than www.ghify.com!

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