Recycled Industrial and Retro Furniture in Brisbane

Customers who shop for industrial and retro furniture in Brisbane should check out GHIFY.COM. GHIFY features a number of contemporary furniture collections inspired by rural, vintage, retro and Mid-Century Modern design. With most of us living in white box spaces or architecturally unremarkable homes, we rely heavily on our furnishings and decor to bring on the character of our living space. Retro-style posters, clever paintings of farm animals, wall hangings made from old license plates or with spray painted graphics bring a splash of colour and personality to our walls.


Another living space character builder is furniture made from recycled materials. You can shop for retro furniture in Brisbane anywhere, really at GHIFY.COM. It is amazing how old materials brought back to life can bring such a fresh and appealing feel to any room! It only takes one piece made from naturally distressed industrial materials to completely transform a living space. A recycled or refurbished one-of-a-kind two-seater sofa can add enchantment to an ordinary country home. Recycled and retro furnishings have a knack for fitting in anywhere. A cabinet made from reclaimed hardwood floorboards can showcase antique china just as easily as hand thrown contemporary pottery. Got a collection of WW II memorabilia or special coins? That works, too. The little imperfections and details in recycled wood just fit right in.

For retro furniture in Brisbane shop GHIFY.COM. Their online store is the perfect place to shop for gifts and gift certificates suitable for a wide range of occasions.

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