Recycled Industrial and Retro Furniture in Melbourne

Customers shopping for 1960s retro furniture in Melbourne should consider a visit to GHIFY's online store. Today, you'll find the most unique and interesting furniture online. You know what you want. A home to reflect the real you the person who adores 1950s chrome-trimmed kitchen tables with matching vinyl-covered seats. You love 1960s chairs and 1970s dinnerware. You've shopped for retro furniture in Melbourne, to no avail. Second hand shops are hit-or-miss and mainstream stores offer cheap knock-offs. Local furniture offerings are either too expensive to buy or too cheap to be well made. It is time to search for well-designed, affordable retro furniture online.


GHIFY.COM has a reputation for excellent furniture collections inspired by rural, vintage, retro and industrial styles. For instance, the company offers furniture influenced by Danish modern and mid-century modern styles. If your taste runs to Danish modern, consider one of GHIFY's Danish sideboards, featuring recycled cedar wood in a light, natural colour. The subtle design features and blonde look of Danish modern adds elegance and grace to any room. Discerning customers searching for retro furniture in Melbourne need look no further than their laptops. Australia's best online furniture stores have everything. GHIFY has a staff of in-house designers and craftsmen can build and customise any sofa, chair or table. Always look for online companies like GHIFY, where you get factory direct prices, secure online checkout, gift vouchers and layby plans. GHIFY ships to any location in Australia, at no cost to the customer. Become a subscriber for exclusive offers.

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