Unique Timber Furniture For Your Sydney Office Or Home

In July 2013, custom designed furniture from Ghify.com was featured at the Australian Queensland Museum. The online furniture store has been in the custom furniture business for 13 years and has been gaining a reputation for its fun, creative pieces. From solid white cedar furniture for a Sydney office to Retro 1960s pieces for your home, Ghify.com has your furnishings covered.


Ghify.com has its own team of in-house designers and master craftsmen who are available to take care of every customer’s design needs. Their specialty, of course, is in designing and producing their own range of beautiful one-of-a-kind furniture. With a philosophy that includes creativity and the use of natural resources, Ghify.com strives to make beautiful one of a kind solid white cedar furniture for your Sydney homes.

Customers tend to like Ghify.com for a variety of reasons. They really enjoy the amazing home and office furnishings and they love the fact that, as an online store, Ghify.com does not have a lot of overhead. Since they don’t have many overhead costs, they are able to offer factory direct pricing to customers, who get incredible furniture at huge savings.

Shipping is also another reason why Ghify.com is so popular. The company keeps all of the pieces in the online store in stock in its Brisbane warehouse. Furniture can be shipped out quickly and customers don’t have to wait the typical four to six weeks to receive their purchases. On top of fast shipping, delivery to anywhere in Australia is free. Customers just cannot go wrong with Ghify.com.